Expressions of Interest 2023

The live program is now full for this year’s Hills Ukulele Festival.

However, you and your group can still take part. 

On Sunday the 28th of May, we will be live streaming a highlights reel of the weekend past as well as all the clips sent in from groups around Australia and indeed, around the world!

You could be a part of something huge!


Please click here and drop us a line with: 

  • The name of your group
  • The size of your group
  • The style of music you play
  • Contact details (email and phone)
  • A short bio (250 words)
  • A square web friendly image no larger than 700 x 700 pixels
  • A Google or Dropbox link to your song clip. 
  • There is a limit of Two Songs per performer or group.

Please send us the above, even if you have performed for us before, so we can ensure that all bios and photos are current and up to date.