Rainie Zenith

There’s an intriguing absurdity about Rainie Zenith, as though she’s momentarily stepped away from the Mad Hatter’s tea party and is due back in Wonderland any minute now.

Her colourful take on indie pop thumbs its nose at gratuitous social norms and invites you to celebrate your authentic self.

Rainie gained widespread attention in July 2022 with out-of-the-box debut single Reasons To Hate Me, a song inspired by a late autism diagnosis and accompanied by a whimsical music video. She played a single launch show at the Workers Club and went on to release a live EP from the event as a reaction against what she refers to as the “modern obsession with ultra-produced perfection.”

Combining an authentic, effervescent stage presence with a diverse catalogue of original music, Rainie’s live shows enthral, engage, and encourage the shedding of inhibitions. She has appeared at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival and Celebrate Mooroolbark Festival with an energetic performance that pulses with colour, movement and musical artistry.

It’s all about bold defiance, lust for life, and raging odd-girl pride. Come and join the fun!