Russell Stringer

Armed with his ukulele and drum machine, Russell loves exploring songs from across the past 150 years. Blues and jazz influences are just a part of the adventure across so many different genres and songs. Recently Russell has put together a set of Blues and Boogie songs drawing strongly from the decades in the middle of the last century when some of the greatest blues and boogie songs were recorded. The theme of the set is “Let the Good Times Roll”! Be prepared to hear things differently as some well-known – and some lesser-known – songs are reshaped for ukulele and drum machine.

Russell has been performing as a member of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective since 2017 and has explored a number of solo and small group projects in recent years. You can find him hanging out at Klub-MUK on the second Tuesday of every month at Bar303 in Northcote. Russell is based in the northwest of Melbourne where he lives and has his music teaching studio.