Upwey Music

29 Main St, Upwey, Vic, 3158

-03 9754 7261


We are delighted to welcome the support of Upwey Music.  Visit them at the HUF Marketplace and see the beautiful ukulele and ukulele adjacent instruments they have for sale.

Emerald Primary School

4-10 Heroes Avenue, Emerald VIC 3782

– 03 5968 4311


With us from the very beginning, there would be no Hills Ukulele Festival without the ongoing support of the Emerald Primary School. 

The school’s motto : “On Track for Success”, and the school logo of Puffing Billy – an acknowledgment of the history of the school and local area and links to the community. It is this community spirt that has helped so much with the continued growth of the Ukulele Festival.


Four Inch Cats




Composer, recording artist, and music publisher, Morgana Creely of Four Inch Cats is a staunch supporter of the Baritone Ukulele and Tenor Guitar. Whether is putting together online workshops (some of which you can see here), running Facebook groups, experimenting with alternate tunings, or any number of musically related things, you can be sure there is a Baritone ukulele in there somewhere! You can check out Morgana’s music books (for DGBE and CGDA tunings) and recording over at her Four Inch Cats website. And if you have any Baritone (or Tenor Guitar) related questions, please feel free to reach out on social media. 

Guitar Art Revolution




Gypsy Spelling is an internationally acclaimed artist and musician. His artwork transforms musical instruments into things of outstanding beauty.
Gypsy has been a supporter of the Hills Ukulele Festival from the very beginning. During the festival, he can be found either in the marketplace or running a workshop on pencil tattooing. His contribution to the festival raffle is a yearly highlight.


The Independant


Chef Mauro Callegari travelled the world before coming to rest at The Independent Gembrook. Born in Argentina, Mauro’s kitchen skills developed early under the watchful eye of his mother in the Callegari family restaurant in the Buenos Aires suburb of La Paternal (notable for being home to Maradona’s first professional team).

After serving a long apprenticeship in five-star Argentinian hotels and restaurants, Mauro moved to London to be part of the opening team of Conran’s Almeida Restaurant  in 2001, under Michelin star chef Chris Galvin. A Melbourne resident since 2003, Mauro’s skills have been honed in the kitchens of the city’s most respected chefs including Marcus Moore at Sofitel and Raymond Capaldi at Fenix.

At The Independent Gembrook, Mauro has designed a modern Argentinian menu with the sophistication and flair harvested from working in highly regarded kitchens in Melbourne, London and Buenos Aires.

David Aumann

David of Aumann Stringed Instruments is a luthier who has been handcrafting ukuleles (including his own Base Uk’e design), guitars and mandolins for more than thirty years; his passion is for crafting to specific client design requirements. David has spent time in USA with a master guitar builder and enjoys experimenting with alternative, sustainable timbers to create beautiful and unique sounds
David will be joining us at our marketplace during the festival.
You can also see his work on Facebook, @RareTradesAustralia 

Avocet Cigar Box Guitars




We are delighted to have the support once again from Avocet Guitar Box Guitars.  If you haven’t checked out these beautiful instruments, you are in for a treat!


At the heart of it, we love to cook traditional food. We have created spaces that are inviting. We apply a modern hand to our food, which results in soulful, surprising dishes, each one with its own story to tell.

Mark Aspland traces his lifelong journey with percussion from his earliest memories of playing improvised drums with kitchen utensils to his extensive involvement in various musical projects. His passion for percussion construction began at a young age, as he repaired an old snare drum to join his school band. With access to his father’s well-equipped garage and his grandfather’s expertise in woodworking, Mark honed his skills in drum making. Throughout high school and university, Mark explored orchestral percussion and drum kit playing while studying electronics, gaining a deep understanding of sound principles.

Moving to Perth ignited Mark’s dedication to percussion, where he embraced the local music scene and expanded his repertoire to include a variety of instruments. This journey culminated in the creation of the Woodskin Cajon, a versatile percussion instrument that has garnered praise from fellow musicians, including Billy Bragg’s drummer. Mark’s story is a testament to his unwavering passion for percussion and his commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and musical collaboration throughout his life.


Maisie’s Milk Bar Emerald
A modern milk bar and party venue in the mountains, Maisie’s is full of fun – lollies, slushies, ice creams, toys & treats!! 
The perfect place to meet friends, have a play date and just be happy! 


Opposite the Emerald Puffing Billy Playground and Station, down a leafy side street, you’ll find Behind The Trees; a lifestyle store bursting with colour. Having curated a collection of unique Australian brands you’ll be shopping for fashion, homewares, wellness products and gifts.
A love of bright colours and bold patterns helps create an ever evolving space that brings true meaning to the phrase retail therapy.
From the moment you step foot in the door, the fun and friendly team will make you feel welcome and guide you through finding the perfect gift every time. With the support of our incredible community, we have continued to grow and bring you the magic that is Behind The Trees.