Yanai Morris

Yanai’s genius is a creative curiosity that he brings to both teaching and making music. 

With his innovative program Tuned In Kids, Yanai nurtures braver kinder kids by helping them overcome their fear of mistakes and express the music inside them.

Yanai’s approach to music making and teaching was at the heart of The UFO, a group of enthusiastic ukulele students that evolved to become a hit at ukulele festivals around Australia.

Since the turn of the millennium, Yanai has brought his unique approach to his solo projects and collaborations with other musicians including Boat, Ang Fang Quartet, Floyd Thursby, James Hazelden and Pear Tongue. He has a growing streamable discography of original and reimagined material.

Yanai has been very active in the Australian ukulele scene, bringing his music and teaching to festivals such as MUF, HUF, Newkulele, Cairns Ukulele Festival and Spruke.