Jan Bentley

Jan Bentley is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Geelong. She crafts words and music into meaningful songs to encourage, educate and inspire. It’s music with heart!
“Life can be complicated, exhausting and painful. I want to share a little bit of love, laughter and understanding.”
Taking in observations of the world and lessons learnt, Jan has been writing songs since she was about twelve years old. She has released three independent albums. Her songs incorporate flavours of folk, country, celtic and pop music, inspired by artists including Jewel and Dido.
Over the years, Jan has achieved various accolades for her songwriting, poetry and music, including ‘Best Local Songwriter’, ‘Best Lyrics’ and she even won a trip to Tamworth!
Solo or with accompaniment, Jan’s performances are genuine and thought-provoking, often prompting an occasional sing-along. She sings with a sweet voice and plays ukulele, guitar and piano / keyboard.
In 2019, Jan started recording her fourth studio album: Let Love Grow. In March 2020 she had to press ‘pause’ on the project and focus on other priorities and learn new skills. There is a season for everything.