HUF Saturday 18th May 2024 Program

This is a Ticketed Event

Morning Workshops

10am- 11am

JADA (Beg/Int/Adv) – David Krycer

(Main Stage)

Playing By Numbers (Beg/Int) – Margaret Crichton

(SLC Stage)

11.20am- 12.20pm

The 5 Riffs you need to Hold Your Head Up High at Any Music Festival

(Beg +) – Dan MacEoin

(Main Stage)

CAJON (All Welcome) – Rod McLeod

(SLC Stage)

Let’s Write A Song (All) – All The Way Home

(Workshop Room 2)

12.30am- 2.00pm


12.30 – Rod McLeod

12.50pm – David Krycer

1.10pm – Margaret Crichton

1.30pm – Dan MacEoin

1.45pm – All The Way Home

Afternoon Workshops

2.10pm- 3.10pm:  Play & Sing Along With The Tuck Shop Ladies (All) – Tuck Shop Ladies

  (Main Stage)

3.25 pm- 4.25pm: Braveheart Strum (Beg/Int) – Ukulele Scotsman  (Main Stage)

4.35pm – 5.35pm: OPEN MIC –   (SLC Stage)



6.00pm – 9.00 pm


6.00pm-6.40 – The Poet & The Fool

6.55pm – 7.35pm – The Ukulele Scotsman

7.50pm – 8.40pm – The Tuck Shop Ladies

HUF Sunday 19th May 2024 Program

This is a FREE Day Celebrating the Ukulele and those Wonderful People who Play It!


10.00am – MUK

11am – Duplicity

11.40am – Chantelle & The Cat Cartel

12.20pm – Woodville

12.50pm – Awkward Strangers: Lunch Strumalong For Adults

1.45pm – Sally Carter

2.25pm – Honey Bees

3.05pm – 3.35pm – Green Fieldz

3.45pm – 4.15pm – Yarra YUkers

4.25pm – 4.55pm – Possum In The Roof

5.05pm – 5.35pm – Things That Make You Go MMM

5.45pm – 6.00pm – Festival Survivors Farewell


10.00am  – The Patch Primary Uke Kids

10.40am – Emerald Primary School Ukulele Orchestra

11.20am – Wandering Foxes

12.00pm – Glitterbombs

12.40pm – S.K.U.L.L.

1.10pm – UkeAlohas

1.45pm – Seven Legged Cows

2.25pm – Kalulu

3.05pm – DARKEN

3.45pm – BAUG

4.25pm – Russell Stringer

5.05pm – Qukes



10.00am – Thornberries

10.40am – Ukelicious

11.20am – U3A Uke Muster

12.00pm – The Tall Ones

12.30pm – OPEN MIC

1.45pm – Delta Steve & Brown Dog

2.25pm – Awkward Strangers

3.05pm – Jan Bentley

3.45pm – Wyndukes Ukestra

4.25pm – Daisy Chains

5.05pm – WinUkes