Sally Carter

Sally’s Ukulele is Sally Carter performing many daredevil acts of musical bravery on her two tenor ukuleles – a high G and a low G ukulele. Sally covers many genres in her shows including celtic, ragtime, classical, bluegrass ¬†old favourites, new favourites and gypsy jazz.

Sally lives on the Mornington Peninsula and has performed and run workshops at many festivals in Australia and NZ. She also teaches ensemble playing to several ukulele groups on the Mornington Peninsula. These lessons are based on her Ukulele Ensemble books which Sally has written where each player learns how to play tunes arranged as melody, harmonies and chords to create a full ensemble sound.

Sally travels to different parts of Australia and NZ to give one day workshops on different aspects of ukulele playing, and demonstrates these techniques in her performances.

Sally also teaches privately from her studio in Frankston and regularly runs online workshops based in Australia and the US.

Sally posts ukulele videos regularly on her Sally’s Ukulele Facebook page. These videos are performances and tutorials based on her books as well as performing and demonstrating different techniques used in her playing of well known songs and tunes.

Sally also performs regularly as a music duo called Green Fieldz with Keith Rea.