HUF 2024 Saturday FULL PASS

This ticket grants access to all workshops and concerts programmed for Saturday the 18th May 2024 at the Hills Ukulele Festival.

HUF 2024 Saturday Concerts Ticket

This ticket grants access to both Lunchtime and Evening Concerts on the Saturday the 18th of May 2024 at the Hills Ukulele Festival.

HUF 2024 Child Pass Saturday

This ticket grants access to all workshops and concerts on Saturday the 18th of May, 2024 for a child under 14 (when attended by a paying adult).
Children under 7 are free when attended by a paying adult.


The Tuck Shop Ladies

Play and Singalong with The Tuck Shop Ladies

All Levels Welcome

Sing for your Tucker 

Come and have a singalong with the Tuck Shop Ladies and experience the wondrous feeling of singing harmonies as part of a group. There will be laughter, stories, singing and so much joy.

The Ukulele Scotsman

Braveheart Strum: Perform with Passion


Join The Scotsman for an unforgettable Ukulele Strumming Workshop – Braveheart Strum. 

Unleash your inner passion as this immersive experience invites learners of all levels where you will discover the art of song interpretation and expression on the ukulele. Explore techniques for adding emotion and personality to your playing to bring your favourite songs to life with your own unique style and interpretation.

Discover ways of using dynamics to weave the essence of a song into your ukulele playing. From selective muted strumming to incorporating hammer-ons, this workshop promises to elevate your musical expression. 

Led by our kilted Scotsman, the fun and inclusive workshop nurtures creativity, enabling participants to craft melodies that resonate with genuine emotion and authenticity.

All The Way Home

Let’s Write a Song

All Welcome

New to songwriting and don’t know where to start? Or, stuck in a rut and need to find a new groove? Join award-winning songwriters Nicki Johnson and Craig Barrie for a playful, fun-fuelled romp through the landscape of lyric, melody, groove and song structure. The ukulele is perfect for songwriting, so this hands-on workshop will focus on fun, collaborative activities to fill your creative well and unlock your songwriting voice. You’ll leave with more tools in your toybox and more toys in your toolkit!

Margaret Crichton

Playing By Numbers


You don’t need to read music to be able to read ukulele music! Learn how to read ukulele tablature so you can play riffs, tunes, harmonies and understand that 3211 is not just the postcode of Little River! We’ll get practical with examples from well known songs. All levels of expertise welcome. High or low G tuning is fine.

Dan MacEoin

The 5 Riffs you need to Hold Your Head Up High at Any Music Festival

Beginner/Beginner Plus

Ever see someone pick up a ukulele and knock out a cool sounding riff? Ever think, they are so cool, I could never be that cool?


The people you saw had memorised a few notes that someone else made famous. Come to this workshop and figure out how to do exactly the same thing and walk through the ukulele festival with your head held high.

NO prior music theory required.

Although some music theory might accidently be learned along the way. 

David Krycer



The famous catchy jazz tune Jada was launched to the world by Cliff Edwards, the ukulele-maestro singer of composer Bob Williams’ band back in 1914, the start of the jazz age. Come and learn how to play the chords, sing and play the melody and even do a little improvising! Suitable for all players. 

Roderick McLeod


All Welcome

Roderick McLeod is a drummer, percussionist, Kora player, and instrument maker based in Melbourne, Australia. HUF was lucky enough to grab him for a CAJON workshop. The word Cajon comes from the Spanish ‘Caja’ or ‘Box’. The core design of a Cajon is simple and elegant. A wooden box allows for several striking zones. Playing close to the edge of the box produces a higher pitched sharper tone which is perfect for use as a back beat similar to a snare drum in a traditional drum kit. As you move closer to the centre of the front the tone lowers in pitch and introduces a woody thump allowing the player to use it more like a Bass drum or Toms. An easily transportable percussion system (especially when compared to a full drum kit), the Cajon is becoming the standard drumbeat of ukulele groups everywhere.

If you have your own Cajon, please bring it along.